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Board of Directors

The CIT Board of Directors is dedicated to providing accurate and clear information for each client we serve.

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CIT Board of Directors

Nominating & Governance Committee

This committee is composed entirely of independent directors and oversees matters relating to the composition, organization and effectiveness of the board and its committees, researches and recommends candidates for membership on the board, periodically reviews and recommends the board's Corporate Governance Guidelines and oversees the board's self-evaluation process.

Charter of the Nominating & Governance Committee of the Board of Directors

Risk Management Committee

This committee is composed entirely of independent directors and oversees all major risks inherent to CIT business activities and monitors CIT risk management framework, including periodic review of the policies, practices and resources employed by CIT for assessing and managing its major risks.

Charter of the Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors

Communications with Directors

Any person who has a concern about CIT governance, corporate conduct, business ethics or financial practices (including CIT accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters) (a "Concern") may communicate that Concern to the company's lead director, non-management directors as a group, or the Audit Committee. In addition, CIT stockholders may communicate with the board regarding any topic of current relevance to CIT business.

The foregoing communications may be anonymous, and may be reported by calling the CIT Hotline in the U.S. or Canada at 1-877-530-5287, e-mailed to: or submitted in writing to:

CIT Group Inc. Board of Directors
1 CIT Drive
Livingston, NJ 07039
Attn: General Counsel and Secretary

Concerns and issues communicated to the board will be addressed through CIT regular procedures. Depending on the nature of the Concern or issue, it may be referred to CIT Internal Audit Department, Law Department, Chief Compliance Officer, Human Resources Department or other appropriate department. At its regular meetings (or more frequently if deemed appropriate by management), the board, or the appropriate committee of the board, will be provided with a summary and/or copies of the communications described above.