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Catering Equipment Leasing and Financing

Once you’ve made your dreams come true and started your own catering business, it’s difficult to expand and reach all the customers you want without the necessary capital. Without updated equipment, your business suffers in both quality and productivity. Here at CIT, we offer creative financing options for catering equipment leasing. We’ll facilitate the leasing of new professional supplies, and help you move your business to the next level.

Benefits of Catering Equipment Leasing

Leasing your equipment allows you to work with the newest, most updated technology and supplies without the investment of all your working capital. If your equipment is regularly updated, you can avoid working with outdated equipment by leasing new professional supplies. Without the right equipment, your plans to make your business the best will likely stall. Fortunately, we can help you reach your dreams with affordable monthly payments, a term that works for you, and buyout options you can agree with. Purchasing new equipment is always an option, but there are benefits to leasing your equipment with the help of a catering equipment loan.


Overall, you’ll save money when you lease your professional supplies rather than purchasing new equipment. Keep your working capital where you need it by using catering equipment financing to get your hands on newer, more advanced equipment. 

Tax Benefits

If your business uses leased equipment, the IRS allows your lease payments to be fully deductible on your taxes each year. You should speak with your accountant about your specific tax situation.

Preserve Your Credit

Leasing your new equipment allows you to keep your credit line open and healthy. With an open credit line, you are more prepared to handle unplanned emergencies that affect your business.

Improved Balance Sheets

Monthly lease payments are considered a business expense rather than long-term debt or a liability. Make your balance sheets look better with catering equipment leasing.

As a catering equipment leasing company that truly understands what it takes to grow your business, we offer creative solutions to every financing problem. When you don’t have the capital to purchase new equipment, or simply aren’t willing to risk the investment in brand new supplies, we are here to provide you with a valuable alternative option.

You can always count on us at CIT to give you:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Simple solutions to complicated problems
  • A variety of financing options

We have years of experience working with businesses in hundreds of industries, and are confident that we are one of the best qualified of all the catering equipment leasing companies to help you find the right solution to your equipment problems.

Ready to get started?

The foods you create allow you to express your creativity and love for design. Allow us to handle the menial, tedious tasks of finding financing for your new catering supplies. Stay updated with the most modern equipment and technology when you allow CIT to help you with your equipment leasing needs. Call us today at 866-777-0117 to see how we can help you move your business to the next level.