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Desktop Computer Financing and Leasing for Business

Many users value the portability that laptops provide, especially in the business world, where operations requires that you be able to move at a moment’s notice while still being able to take your computing capabilities with you. Who can afford to have those capabilities tethered to a desk?

Benefits of Desktop Leasing and Financing

A brief reminder of the many benefits that a desktop provides over a notebook quickly answers that question. For all that they lack in portability, desktop computers make up for it with a wide array of benefits that simply aren’t available with portable devices.


The increased demand for laptop computers has driven the costs of such units up, while conversely pushing the costs of desktops down. This allows you the chance to find the same amount of performance capability in a desktop at a much lower price than you would with a laptop. In fact, estimates that a standard desktop with 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive can cost less than $300 today, whereas a laptop with similar production capabilities would cost about $700.


For many, the advantage that laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices provide in the way of portability still doesn’t compensate for the challenges that come with actually using these units. Many prefer the larger keyboards, bigger screens, and the detached mouse that a desktop PC offers. Sure, you can add these to a portable device, but that’s an added expense. 


Upgrading the components of a desktop, such as expanding the memory or the storage space on the hard drive, is relatively easy. Typically, even a computer novice can handle such a task. A laptop or notebook, on the other hand, requires an advanced understanding of both the design of the unit and the brand. Accessing the components that require upgrade on these units - such as the video card or CPU - often requires the skills of a professional. 

Ready to get started?

You and your company need to be able to outfit your offices with the very best in desktop technology. We at CIT can make that happen for you by providing you with desktop leasing and financing options that help to ensure your computing needs are met while still having the option to upgrade technology to stay ahead of your competitors. To learn more about our many desktop financing options, give us a call at 1-866-777-0117 today.