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Forklift Leasing and Financing

If you work in construction, on a farm or in another industrial business, odds are you regularly use forklifts. These high-powered machines make it possible to safely and efficiently lift and move loads around a site. At CIT, we know that when you have the right tools, you can take on new jobs and efficiently run your operations. That is why we offer creative options such as forklift leasing and financing. When you work with us, you can acquire the equipment you need without paying large upfront costs.

Benefits of Forklift Leasing

Even a small forklift can come with a decent price tag. You have the option of dropping a lot of cash to purchase the machinery outright or opting for one of our forklift financing plans. Simply find the equipment you need from a vendor and then contact one of our representatives to discuss obtaining a lease. In order to put together your financing plan, a dedicated CIT team member will evaluate a few factors, including: the types of equipment you need, including forklifts, how long you have been in business and what your budget looks like on a monthly basis. We can also factor in soft costs when creating your forklift lease or loan. That means we can assist you with items like installation or consumables.


An electric forklift is a great tool to have at your disposal. However, these machines start depreciating almost as soon as you put them to use. Rather than invest a large amount of money into an asset that will depreciate, you can lease forklifts for a few years and then upgrade to a new model. When you choose to work with a forklift leasing company like us, you reap a number of benefits, including:

  • Low monthly payments that fit right into your budget
  • Competitive rates
  • Preserving your cash flow for other expenses or investments
  • Taking advantage of new models and technologies at the end of your lease term
  • Dispelling the high costs of maintenance and repairs from your budget


We understand that you may be in the market for more than just a forklift finance plan. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we can offer our clients leasing options for a wide variety of machinery. Simply let one of our representatives know what kind of equipment you need and we can devise a plan so you can acquire it without sacrificing your capital.


Many of our clients notice that when they have the ability to acquire new machinery every few years, their workflow and efficiencies improve. Likewise, they are able to freely bid for new jobs or contracts without the concern of having to purchase equipment.

Ready to get started?

We know that offering our clients flexibility is what sets us apart from other forklift leasing companies. To start exploring your options today, simply fill out our online application or give us a call at 866-777-0117.