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Grinder Leasing and Financing

At CIT, we understand the needs of a growing business. In addition to taking on new staff and investing in new technologies, you need to acquire high-quality tools and equipment. Business owners often balk at the cost of purchasing large machinery. That is where we can help. With our creative options for concrete grinder financing, your company can acquire necessary equipment without having to spend a large amount of money on upfront costs.

Benefits of Grinder Leasing

Having the option of grinder finance plans means your business can bid on new jobs without worrying about spending cash on purchasing the equipment. Consider the many benefits to working with a grinder leasing company.

Savings and Flexibility

By choosing options like grinder leases and loans, you give your business flexibility to grow its tool belt and expand in other ways at the same time.

  • Having the freedom to upgrade to new technology when the lease term is up
  • Improving your efficiency with the latest tools and machinery
  • Freeing your budget of expensive maintenance and repair costs
  • Avoiding the problem of acquiring assets that quickly begin to depreciate

How It Works

Our goal is to help you gain access to the tools you need. Once you have ascertained the machines you would like to add to your fleet, simply contact us to discuss your options. We will ask for a few items, including:

  • What your budget looks like on a monthly basis, as this will help determine the amount of your payment each month
  • How long you have been in business, as we prefer to work with businesses that are established and looking to expand
  • All the items you want to finance, from stump grinders to soft costs like installation


Using all this information, our team will put together a customized plan. Your comprehensive stump grinder loan may include other pieces of equipment as well. For example, we regularly work with companies that wish to finance a number of items. We have experience working across a wide range of industries and can provide financial products for:

Ready to get started?

More and more business owners are turning to grinder finance companies because they recognize the competitive advantage that comes with leasing equipment. Low monthly payments and the ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology enable your business to run efficiently. When you work with us, you will receive focused attention and a financing structure that is customized to your needs and budget. Start exploring your options with us by filling out our online application or giving us a call at 866-777-0117.