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Medical equipment leasing and financing

In the healthcare industry, a lot depends on the equipment that facilities use for their patients. For the best patient care, medical facilities often have to turn to medical equipment leasing and financing.

Financing for your small business needs

At CIT, we understand why the stakes are so high, and we also understand that the costs can become very high as well. For this reason, we are one of the only medical equipment leasing companies that will work directly with you to ensure that you have all the financing for the equipment you need to run a professional, safe, and sterile medical facility.

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Offer financing to your customers

Sell your customers the medical equipment and technology they need to keep their business updated with financing. When you offer financing through CIT, you give those customers purchasing power and empower them to succeed while enabling your own success.

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Benefits of medical equipment leasing

Whether you are in the market for high-tech hardware and software, or the medical tools that will help your patients the most, we don’t stop at providing medical instrument leasing for your facility. We have professionals available to answer any questions that you may have about your financial plan so that you can get the equipment you need when you need it. When you lease with us, you don’t have to worry about paperwork and other incidentals. We will take care of it all for you. This gives you the time and energy you need to expand your practice and provide the best medical care for your patients. (Speed and performance are subject to your and other factors outside our control.)


When it comes to leasing medical tools and other equipment, CIT has the expertise that you can trust. Trust plays a major role in the healthcare industry, and patients have to know that the people they are trusting in also have trustworthy resources. At CIT, our medical device financing options are among the best in the industry. 

CIT has been in the business since 1908, offering many businesses lease options for the equipment they need to remain successful. The transactions over the years have brought unique challenges with an opportunity for us to create a better system. Doing so allows us to provide you with the money you need for medical equipment, budgeting software, and so much more. In this ever-evolving industry, change is the only constant. With a commitment to make every customer happy, CIT truly is the company you can trust for all your financial medical equipment services.


At CIT, we provide financing for all of the tools you need to equip your medical facility. Whether you are looking to expand your practice or need to upgrade some equipment, we can help you with medical tool financing for the following equipment:

With our expertise, your business needs, your time in the industry, and your budget in mind, we can put together an equipment leasing plan for you that ensures you can afford the tools you need to really help your patients.

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When you need equipment or tools for the medical industry, know that you can turn to CIT for the best leasing options and medical equipment financing help. Simply contact us or fill out our online application to get started today.