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Milling machine leasing and financing

If you’re looking to improve the future of your company, milling machine financing with CIT can help. There tends to be a lot of expenses in the milling industry, and it can be hard for a company to keep up with the demands. The good news is that at CIT, we understand those demands. We understand that you are doing everything you can to provide the best services and products for your customers, and we are committed to doing the same for you. With our milling machine leasing options, you will be able to achieve more customer satisfaction with every job.

Benefits of milling machine leasing

At CIT, we work directly with our clients to bring them the leasing options that will provide benefits for their company. After understanding all that we can about their vision and their goals, we learn more about their budget. Knowing these things will help us to come up with milling machine leases and loans that allow them to be the most successful. Here are a few reasons why milling machines leasing is a good idea with CIT.

Capital retention

Leasing is an option that allows you to retain more capital. Instead of spending your capital on a milling machine, you can use it for unforeseen expenses. You will be paying smaller monthly payments for the machine lease, and you will still have the capital free to use how you see fit.


With the proper milling equipment, you will be more efficient at what you do. However, you can’t acquire the proper equipment without the proper financing. At CIT, we help you become more efficient in your work by loaning you the funds that will allow you to lease the highest quality and most efficient tools necessary.

Open credit

By leasing with CIT, your credit line will remain open. This is a benefit to owners of milling companies, as there are often unexpected expenses that arise. An open credit line allows you to pay those expenses, and still keep your equipment.

Reduced risk

A loan is a low risk option. You can run your milling business without ownership risks, which could alleviate stress and improve productivity at work.


When you lease with us, we will agree on a payment term. When that term is up, you will have the option to upgrade or buy out. With this option, you are guaranteed to always have the most up-to-date tools that are available in the milling industry.


When it comes to the leasing process, we do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible. This includes working directly with each of our customers, providing the best in customer service and lease options, and even handling the paperwork for the deal.

Ready to get started?

Contact CIT today. We have been serving clients just like you for over 100 years and are waiting to show you how our lease and loan options could benefit your business. To carve out a better future for your company, fill out our online application.