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Plotter Leasing and Financing

When pen plotters were first used they offered a superior and efficient way to create large format high-resolution graphics in color and monochrome. Today the pen plotter has largely been replaced by wide format inkjet printers and LED toner printers, which still carry the name “plotters” but offer a more advanced option for precision printing in the digital age.

Benefits of Plotter Leasing

If your printing business is looking for plotters to print complex jobs such as blueprints, CAD drawings, and other wide format projects where precision is critical, it’s important that you find the right equipment. Plotter financing or leasing is often a good choice, allowing you to get a top quality machine from well-known name-brand suppliers. 


Plotter leasing and financing offers your company many advantages, especially if you are a small or medium size business interested in preserving the cash reserves that you have built over time. You can stay competitive by leasing state-of-the-art printing technology and having the flexibility to upgrade it every few years without the hassle of trying to sell an obsolete piece of equipment at the end of its useful life. The ability to change or upgrade your equipment as the market changes and your business adapts is essential for long-term success.


Leasing also offers the opportunity to get fixed payments for a set period of time, which means you can be confident when you create monthly and annual budgets that you won’t run into unexpected expenses that will decrease your profits. This financial security means you can get the well-known brand-name wide format plotters you want to stay competitive in the marketplace and offer the best quality printing to your clients.


Expanding your existing printing business gives you the chance to: bring in new customers, improve the production and turnaround times for your existing customers, and offer a wider variety of printing options. With these goals in mind, it often makes sense to get new equipment, but for many small businesses the tricky part is figuring out the best way to finance your new purchases. In some cases it might make sense to buy the equipment outright, but in many instances plotter loans or leasing can help you get the right equipment without requiring too much cash up front. CIT can help you discover all the financing options that are available to you, including plotter leases that require no money down or very little upfront cash to get started.

Ready to get started?

A great way to find out how a lease can benefit your company is to contact CIT today at 866-777-0117. Our experienced Finance Managers can discuss the benefits of plotter leasing, and make recommendations to help you get your new printers.