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Restaurant Booth Leasing And Financing

As a business owner in the restaurant industry, you know how important customer service is. Unfortunately, you may not receive the service you work hard to give when you start searching for restaurant booth leasing companies. When you’re looking to expand or grow your business, but need help with acquiring the money to do so, look to us for a customer service experience that is second only to our creative financing solutions. At CIT, customer service is important to us. We know that a happy customer is the best evidence we can find that our job is done right, and we’ve helped thousands of companies come up with customized financing plans that allow them to grow and expand how they’d like. Business owners come to us when they need an expert opinion regarding financing options that they can trust.

Benefits of Restaurant Booth Leasing

Whether it’s time for an upgrade or you simply want to add on to what is an already successful business, you should know that you have options. While we can help you buy new or slightly used equipment, we also offer a restaurant booth finance program that comes with its own set of benefits.

New Equipment

Perhaps the most basic benefit is that of having new equipment in your restaurant. Your booths are a big part of the aesthetic value of your business, and leasing your equipment allows you to update more often with new styles and designs.

Tax Benefits

Leased equipment can be fully deductible as long as your business uses the equipment. You’ll save money each year on your taxes, putting the cash back in your pocket. You should speak with your accountant about your specific tax situation.

Save Money

Another important benefit is the cash you save when you lease your equipment. New equipment is a huge investment, and will either eat up your working capital or force you to use up valuable credit lines for purchase. Our restaurant booth financing allows you to keep your capital AND your credit lines for use in maintaining your business. You need your credit lines for emergencies and unexpected costs, and it’s simply not there when you’ve used it to buy new equipment. Leasing your equipment keeps your credit lines open for when you really need it.

Balance Sheets

Rather than a liability or a long-term debt, leased restaurant booths are considered a monthly business expense. Your payments are made in one lump sum each month, simplifying your balance sheets and making it easier to run your business.

Here at CIT, helping your business grow with great customer service is at the top of our priority list. We’ll come up with financing terms that help you meet your goals with affordable payments, attractive terms, and buyout options that meet your needs. You'll benefit from our restaurant seating financing programs.

Ready to get started?

When you’re ready to expand your business and need a little bit of help getting there from an equipment finance company you can trust, call CIT at 866-777-0117.