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Sign Making Equipment Leasing and Financing

No matter what kind of business or retail location someone owns, the odds are good that he or she will be looking for a great sign. Custom outdoor LED or digital signs are a hallmark of companies that are committed to directing clientele through their doors. Vendors and manufacturers that provide such signs can themselves start an in-demand business. Those who are involved in the business of creating signs understand that a huge aspect of success is having access to proper sign making equipment. We at CIT understand how important and expensive such equipment can be. For this reason, we are committed to providing affordable sign making equipment leasing and financing to growing businesses.

Benefits of Sign Making Equipment

A sign maker who lives in a prosperous region may discover that his or her business needs to grow in order to meet customer demand. That can also mean that it is a must to acquire newer, better, or more modern equipment. Such an expense can be too much for a business to handle all at once, which is why some establishments turn to a sign making equipment loan. Here are a few of the top reasons to choose sign making equipment financing or leasing.


Because sign making businesses survive by acquiring new customers, being able to provide a large variety of signs will allow such businesses to thrive. Investing in new sign making equipment, such as vinyl cutters or printers, allows a company to improve production of signs that can be easily shipped.


It can be difficult for businesses to step up production without acquiring new equipment, and the same holds true for sign makers. By investing in modern tools, sign makers can work the same number of hours and also increase hourly output. All of this is possible without a significant initial cost.


Leasing in particular is especially conducive to making upgrades possible for cash-strapped businesses. When sign making equipment is purchased rather than leased, a majority of capital is tied up in the machinery. With alternative financing options, the equipment can be easily interchanged for newer models after only a few years.


Leased equipment is placed under the financial category of overhead costs, the same as heat, rent, and electric. Because of this, leased sign making equipment is tax deductible as a business expense rather than claimable as an asset. This serves to allow even more money to stay within the business. (You should speak with your accountant about your specific tax situation.)

We are here not only to help companies find an adequate sign making finance program for equipment purchases, but to also give other useful advice to help businesses successfully manage their funds. Our expertise allows us to help provide money for essential improvements, including the lease or purchase of new equipment.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about how to lease or finance sign making equipment, or to find out exactly which tools and equipment we finance, contact CIT today. Simply fill out our online application and we will get back to you, or call us at 866-777-0117 and we'll get started today.