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Vending Machine Leasing And Financing

Whether you run an auto tune-up shop or manage the local recreation center, you’re likely to deal with the process of leasing vending machines. Vending machines are a great way to make money, and also to provide your customers with healthy, fresh snacks without all the hassle of opening or maintaining a kitchen. As vending machines don’t come cheap, your alternative option is to benefit from vending machine leasing. Here at CIT, we’ll facilitate your financing and help you find the right vending machine loans for your particular business. We understand the intricacies of small businesses, and have worked with thousands of companies of all different sizes to help ensure that they have the equipment they need. When you are in need of equipment financing , and want one of the best, turn to CIT for creative solutions to complicated problems.

The Benefits of Vending Machine Leasing

If you want an additional way to earn money, or want to provide beverages and snacks to your customers, we can help to facilitate the leasing process with our vending machine financing options. While you have the option to purchase your equipment, leasing affords advantages that are often attractive to the average business owner.


Leasing your equipment allows you to deduct your expenses off your taxes each year, providing a valuable cash savings from the IRS.  You should speak with your accountant about your specific tax situation.


Our vending machine loans are set up with payments that are affordable, and buyout options and terms that work for your business. You can hold on to your working capital by opting to lease your equipment rather than buy. Also, credit is vital. Leasing your equipment allows you to keep your credit lines open and healthy for those emergencies you didn’t plan for.


Many industries deal with equipment and supplies that are updated regularly, and replacing your equipment every few years can deal a devastating financial blow. With vending machine finance, you can lease your new equipment and enjoy all the benefits of new machines without the additional cost of regular updates.

Balance Sheets

Leased equipment is considered a monthly business expense rather than a liability, or even a long-term debt. Your balance sheets look better when you opt for equipment leasing with CIT. You should speak with your accountant about your specific financial situation.

At CIT, our goal is to help you find the financing you need for new equipment. We offer creative solutions to your financial problems, and help you provide healthy snacks and beverages for your customers with little fuss. In addition to being a vending machine leasing company, we also offer the following services:

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