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Wheelchair Leasing and Financing

Wheelchairs can come in handy in so many different medical professions. From wheeling patients in for surgery to allowing those with disabilities the option of a more convenient office visit, wheelchair leasing is a great option if you run any type of medical facility. At CIT, we are committed to our customers. We strive to provide financing for all of the equipment and tools necessary to allow our customers to have success with their patients. When it comes to loans for wheelchairs, we do not cut any corners. We understand the benefits associated with these mobility devices, and we are dedicated to helping you finance or lease them.

Benefits of Wheelchair Leasing

When it comes to leasing a wheelchair for your medical practice, it is important that you are able to afford the type of wheelchair and the number of wheelchairs that you need. The following are just a few of the reasons why leasing wheelchairs with CIT makes sense.


Leasing a wheelchair with financial help from CIT allows you to have up-to-date equipment in your office. When technology changes and wheelchairs come with more features, or are more comfortable, you can sell back the equipment that you have and lease something new.


When you have up-to-date equipment in your medical facility, you can provide more efficient care for your patients. Patients who need to use wheelchairs will notice a difference in the type of mobility devices that you have in your office. When they are able to get around as smoothly and easily as they need to, they should have a more efficient visit.


When we put together your financial plan, we’ll use your business plan, budget, and goals as a business to come up with a plan that works the very best for you. We will work to understand the key elements of your financial situation so that you are able to afford monthly payments. What this means for you is that if there is a time of year that brings in more capital for you, we can arrange to have payments made during that time.


Leasing necessary equipment allows you some neat tax benefits. When you lease equipment, you can deduct the monthly payments from your income because it is not a full-on purchase. Other tax advantages can be explained to you by your tax advisor. 

There are typically fewer financial risks involved in leasing the wheelchairs that you need for your medical practice because you do not own the equipment outright. Repairs and replacements are more affordable when you are leasing with financial help from CIT.

Ready to get started?

Whether you need just a few or many wheelchairs, contact the wheelchair leasing company that understands the benefits of such incredible mobility devices. Call CIT at 866-777-0117 to learn more about wheelchair financing and to lease or finance your wheelchairs today.