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CIT Bank Security, Privacy and Fraud Protection

How CIT Bank protects your privacy and your account.

At CIT Bank, protecting your accounts and your information is as important to us as it is to you. See below on how our security, privacy, and fraud prevention measures are designed to keep your account and personal information safe.


Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your account and your identity.

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We respect and protect your privacy every step of the way. But we may need to use your personal information to serve you better or comply with federal regulations. If so, we want you to understand how it works.

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Fraud Prevention

While we’re diligent about protecting your account, it is a good practice for you to be vigilant about keeping your personal account information secure to prevent fraud from occurring.

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If you have any questions about fraud, call us at 855-370-6827. For questions about security, privacy, or your account, call us at 855-462-2652.