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  • Products and Rates

    View the interest rates, annual percentage yields and minimums to open an account on available and heritage savings and money market accounts, and CDs. Effective January 2, 2019. Download this chart.

    Products APY1Interest Rate1Minimum to Open

    Money Market and Savings Accounts2

    Savings Builder < $25,0003-%*0.995%** $100 
    Savings Builder < $25,000, but with monthly deposit of $100 or more3-%***2.421% $100 
    Savings Builder ≥ $25,0003-%2.421% $100 
    Money Market4-%1.833% $100 
    Premier High Yield Savings ≤ $250,0005-%1.538% $100 
    Premier High Yield Savings > $250,0005-%1.538%$100 
    Spring Savings61.15%1.144%$100 
    High Yield Savings61.05%1.045%$100 

    Term Certificates of Deposit (CD)7

     6-Month Term -% 0.717% $1,000
     1-Year Term -% 2.176% $1,000
     13-Month Term8 -% 2.225% $1,000
     18-Month Term8 -% 2.469% $1,000
     2-Year Term -% 1.390% $1,000
     3-Year Term -% 1.292% $1,000
     4-Year Term -% 1.490% $1,000
     5-Year Term -% 1.686% $1,000

    No-Penalty CD9

     No-Penalty / 11-Month -% 2.029% $1,000

    Jumbo CDs7

     2-Year Jumbo -% 1.440% $100,000
     3-Year Jumbo -% 1.391% $100,000
     4-Year Jumbo -% 1.588% $100,000
     5-Year Jumbo -% 1.736% $100,000

    Ramp Up CDs7,10

     1-Year RampUp Plus 1.26% 1.252% $25,000
     2-Year RampUp Plus 1.27% 1.262% $25,000
     3-Year RampUp 1.20% 1.193% $25,000
     4-Year RampUp 1.38% 1.371% $50,000

    1Interest rates and APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) are accurate as of January 2, 2019.

    2CIT Bank Money Market and Savings accounts are variable-rate accounts. Interest rates and APYs are subject to change without notice.

    3Savings Builder is a tiered interest rate account. Tier levels are subject to change without notice. Interest rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are variable and may change without notice. Minimum to open account is $100.

    *APY assumes the account is opened on the 15th day of the month and no qualifying deposits of $100 are made following account opening. Actual APY may be greater or less depending on the date the account is opened.

    **Interest Rate is 2.421% during the Introductory Period and 0.995% thereafter.

    *** APY assumes additional qualifying deposits are made each Evaluation Period.

    Visit our Savings Builder page for complete terms and conditions.

    4The Money Market Account fees could reduce earnings on the account.

    5The Premier High Yield Savings is a tiered interest rate account. Interest is paid on the entire account balance based on the interest rate and APY in effect that day for the balance tier associated with the end-of-day account balance.

    6High Yield Savings and Spring Savings are not available for new personal accounts.

    7CDs may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty, which will reduce earnings.

    8Upon maturity, CDs are renewed for the same term automatically. The exception to this are the 13-Month CD and the 18-Month CD; upon maturity, the 13-Month CD will be automatically renewed as a 1-Year Term CD at the then-published APY, and the 18-Month CD will be automatically renewed as a 2-Year Term CD at the then-published APY.

    9You may withdraw the total balance and interest earned, without penalty, beginning 7 days after funds have been received for your CD. No withdrawals are permitted during the first 6 days following the receipt of funds.

    10CIT Bank allows you to make one additional deposit of additional funds to your account one time during each term of the CD. CIT Bank reserves the right to limit the additional deposit to a RampUp™ Plus account to $250,000. All new or renewed RampUp™ and RampUp™ Plus CDs are subject to a rate cap that will limit the optional increase of the initial APY to twice the amount of the initial APY, less 0.05%. The maximum deposit to RampUp™ accounts with an original maturity of more than two years is $250,000. Additionally, we will honor your request to change the rate on this account one time during the term of the CD.

    New IRAs are not available. Current IRA customers and beneficiaries may rollover or open IRA savings and IRA/Roth CDs, excluding Premier High Yield Savings, Money Market, No-Penalty/11-Month CD and 6-month CD. APYs and interest rates listed above are for both personal and IRA accounts.

    CIT Bank, N.A. and OneWest Bank, a division of CIT Bank, N.A., are the same FDIC-insured institution. Deposits held under each name are not separately insured, but are combined to determine whether a depositor has exceeded the $250,000 federal deposit insurance limit, per depositor for each account ownership category. For purposes of calculating aggregate deposits held in CIT Bank, N.A., you should include deposits held in OneWest Bank.