• Communications & Technology Finance

    CIT Communications & Technology Finance specializes in financing solutions and advisory services for middle market telecommunications, technology and information services businesses. Our products and services support the development, expansion, equipment, and strategic acquisition needs of our clients.  

    Communications Products & Services:

    • Working capital
    • Acquisition financing
    • Growth capital
    • Management buyouts
    • Debt refinancing
    • Recapitalizations
    • Asset-based equipment financing

    Information Services Key Areas of Focus:

    Telecommunications Financing

    • Wireline and wireless
    • Cable television
    • Satellite
    • Collocation and managed service providers
    • Other communication service/infrastructure providers¬†

    Information Services and Technology Financing

    • Enterprise Software
    • Financial Technology and Software
    • Healthcare Technology and Software
    • Mobile Technology and Software
    • Web Enabled Business Services
    • Business Process Outsourcers
    • Information Services & Digital Databases
    • Other Technology Enabled Business Services
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