• Furniture

    Our solutions help manufacturers and importers improve cash flow, reduce operating costs and customer credit losses.
  • Serving the Furniture and Home Furnishings Industries

    CIT Commercial Services is a leading provider of factoring and financing to the furniture and home furnishings industries.

    We tailor financial solutions that help companies of many sizes improve cash flow, reduce operating expenses and eliminate customer credit losses.

    CIT serves furniture, bedding, carpets, home goods, home textiles, and home accessory manufacturers and importers that range in size from privately-held, family-owned businesses to public companies. What they share in common is they sell to wholesalers, retailers and distributors in the United States and abroad, and they want to make sure they will get paid.

    Products & Services Business Services

    • Factoring services
    • Accounts receivable credit protection
    • Protection against bad debt losses
    • Protection against large customer concentrations
    • Accounts receivable management services
    • Import factoring services
    • Export factoring services
    • Invoice factoring
    • Notification factoring
    • Non-notification factoring
    • Recourse factoring
    • Non-recourse factoring
    • Accounts receivable financing 
    • Working capital loans
    • Growth financing
    • Asset based lending
    • Factoring loans
    • Inventory financing
    • Debt restructuring
    • Liquidity 

    Key Areas of Focus Furniture

    • Furniture Companies
    • Casual Furniture
    • Upholstered Furniture
    • Home Furnishings
    • Carpet
    • Floor Covering & Rugs
    • Home Textiles
    • Mattress & Bedding
    • Lamps & Lighting