• Industrial Equipment Finance

    We provide financing programs for commercial customers of manufacturers and dealers. 
  • Industrial Equipment Financing

    At CIT, we focus on delivering the greatest impact on the “bottom line” of our manufacturer and dealer finance programs. We do this through a combination of executing on our core activities (i.e., credit decisioning, funding, servicing) and on innovations that deliver additional value:  

    • Supporting new ways that your customers want to purchase: as a service sales and usage-based purchase and rental structures
    • Lowering your Accounts Receivable operational expenses through technology, people and process integratio
    • Assuring a positive customer journey for you and your customers from initial funding through account upgrades, renewals and disposal
    • Establishing and executing on a custom program that aligns with your growth and profit objectives
    • Offering free advertising in customer invoices for you to make announcements and special offers 

    Light Industrial ForkliftProducts & Services:

    • Capital and operating leases
    • Installment loans
    • Funding Solutions: pre, advanced, progress
    • Refresh programs
    • Rent to own and rental pool structures
    • As a Service / Managed Services
    • Cost-per/variable billing structures
    • Vendor private label programs
    • Deferred / Seasonal payments
    • 100% Services & Software financing 
    • Flexible invoicing presentment options
    • Online portals for vendors and customers 

    ConstructionKey Areas of Focus:

    Construction & Agriculture
    • Combines
    • Harvesters
    • Excavators
    • Graders
    • Dozers
    • Dump Trucks
    • Wheel Loaders
    • Paving Equipment
    • Drills: Horizontal Direct and Above Ground 
    • Trenchers
    • Tractors
    • Cranes 

    Material Handling
    • Forklifts and related accessories
    • Lifts: Aerial, Scissor
    • Automated Guided Vehicles
    • Robotic Pickers
    • Yard Trucks (i.e., tugs, yard spotters, shuttle wagons)
    • Pallet Jacks
    • Warehouse Shelving and Conveyors
    • Hoists

    • Over the Road Tractors and Trailers
    • Trucks: Delivery, Garbage, Tow, Moving, Utility (i.e., bucket lifts)
    • Vehicles: Fleet, Emergency, Shuttles 

    Light Industrial
    • Generators
    • Compressors
    • Test & Measurement Machinery

    Food Processing, Packaging, Labeling
    • Blenders & Mixers, Dryers, Boilers
    • Flash Freezers
    • Canning & Bottling Machines
    • Filler Machines
    • Labelers
    • Food Safety & Sanitizing

    Other Equipment
    • HVAC
    • Recreational & Fitness
    • Restaurant Equipment
    • Water Purification
    • Safes
    • Golf Carts
    • Turf Equipment
    • Snow Grooming