• Welcome to your Online Mortgage Account System

    CIT Bank is pleased to partner with LoanCare, LLC, to provide servicing and administrative functions on your mortgage loan on behalf of CIT Bank.  

    To assist you with accessing your online mortgage account, please refer to the insert Important Information in the Notice of Servicing Transfer that we mailed to you.

    The important information insert provides for one of the following web addresses: Please click the web address listed in important information to be directed to the correct Log in page for your online mortgage account.
  • Important Information

    Payments: You may not have the billing statement in hand to make your next payment, so you are advised to write the New Servicer loan number on your check and send it to the address provided in the Notice of Servicing Transfer.

    Additional options to make payments include but are not limited to:
    Please save the web address to your favorites for easy access in the future.
  • Enjoy these Services

    • Access current loan information 24 hours a day
    • Make a loan payment at any time through an online service
    • Update personal information online
    • Contact us directly with your questions

    For further assistance, please Contact Us with any questions or call 1-800-781-7399.