• Restaurant Finance

    For all stages of the business cycle, we provide innovative financing and advisory services.
  • Restaurant Finance

    Turn to CIT Restaurant Finance to help your business grow. We provide innovative, customized financing and advisory services in all stages of the business cycle, including working capital, growth capital, acquisitions, debt refinancing, recapitalizations and restructurings.

    Restaurants Products & Services: 

    • Working capital
    • Acquisition financing
    • Growth capital
    • Management buyouts
    • Debt refinancing
    • Recapitalizations
    • Turnarounds
    • Restructurings
    • Debtor-in-possession financing
    • Confirmation plan financing
    • Franchise financing

    Additional Product Details:

    Asset-based loan financing: Senior secured revolving and term debt based on asset valuations

    • Revolving lines of credit based on valuation of inventory and receivables and term loans based on valuation of fixed assets (including machinery, equipment and real estate)  
    • May consider advances against intangible assets (trademarks, patents, licenses, royalties)  

    Cash flow financing

    • Predominantly in connection with acquisition financing  
    • Senior secured debt, which is based on a multiple of EBITDA and understanding of cash flow drivers 
    • Reliance on a company's operating performance, management strength and competitive position  

    Select stretch asset-based loans and hybrid structures

    • Senior secured revolver and term financing with advances beyond traditional ABL advance rates 
    • Reliance on cash flow and traditional asset-based analytics  

    First out/unitranche structures

    • On an asset-based or cash flow basis
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