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    For most businesses getting the equipment needed to remain competitive while maintaining the capital necessary to keep the doors open is a balancing act.

    According to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, given today's economic climate and the rapid pace of technological obsolescence, nearly 80% of all U.S. companies utilize some form of equipment financing.

    If you are a small-to- mid-sized business interested in acquiring equipment, software or value-added services, but don't want to disrupt cash flow, here are three reasons why equipment financing may be right for you.

    Equipment Leasing 2 thumbnail 1. It helps to maintain cash flow…

    Equipment financing can help to reduce upfront costs and improve your working capital position by freeing up cash that can be used for other areas of your business, like expansion, improvements and marketing.

    2. It helps to minimize risk…

    Equipment financing can help mitigate the uncertainty of investing in the capital assets your business needs until it achieves a desired return and meets other business objectives.

    3. It can help you stay ahead of the curve…

    With equipment leasing you can stay on top of the latest tech advancements and resulting efficiencies.  In some finance structures, you can even replace your equipment within the term of the lease and rely on lessor services for properly disposing of old equipment according to environmental and data security regulations.

    The next time you are acquiring equipment, software or managed services, ask your supplier about finance solutions.